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Willi will wachsen

Willi-will-wachsen.com offers a simple and powerful scientific tool for analysing child growth. Longitudinal series of body height and body weight measurements are referred to local or national growth references. For detailed information about the standards used, please contact us. Willi calculates standard deviation scores for measurements of height (height SDS) and body mass index (BMI SDS).

The series is analysed using results of principal component analysis. Principal components characterise the main traits of an individual's growth. Willi compares the individual's components with standards of longitudinal growth obtained from two well reputed longitudinal growth studies (Z├╝rich, Prader et al 1989, Lublin, Chrzastek-Spruch et al. 1990).

Willi-will-wachsen.com is a developing web site that may be used world-wide. As child growth varies throughout the world (Eveleth and Tanner 1990), willi's analysis depends on the accuracy of the local or national growth references used.

If you wish to use willi, and to refer your data to your national growth standard for analysis, feel encouraged to provide us with your national growth references.

We will put your preference national growth reference into the web site. If your national growth reference is not complete (e.g., does not contain data throughout the whole age range from birth to maturity, or does not have standards for body mass index, etc.) we may help reconstructing your references and produce partially synthetic growth charts (Hermanussen and Burmeister 1999). Please contact Hermanussen.aschauhof@t-online.de.

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